>Dragon Back–the best hike in all of Asia


Last week, when it was sunny, we went for a hike along the Dragon’s Back trail. This is an incredible trail on Hong Kong Island and is said to be the best hike in Asia. It follows the mountain ridge so it is also a relatively easy hike–unlike many of the others I’ve described. You start by taking a double-decker bus up to the ridge from the subway station, where you can start the hike. Because it is on Hong Kong Island, it seems more Western–para-sailing along the way and it ends at a beach where people were surfing. These seem so “western” compared to other places we’ve hiked. And of course, many people along the route were Europeans or Americans who live in Hong Kong. It is always another world when we go to Hong Kong Island from Kowloon where we live.

When we ended the hike at the beach, we then had to figure out how to get back to a subway station. I knew I felt comfortable in Hong Kong, when there was a little bus sitting there–we just looked at each other and got on, saying to each other–it has to go someplace! Several times this has happened this time while I’ve been here. You are off some place and have no concern about getting home. A bus will take you someplace that is closer to where you need to be that where you are now. You figure out the next step when you get there.

Someone lost their sole.

Big Wave Beach

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  1. >I loved the breach and point a the end of this hike, but never had the time for the whole thing. It looked pretty taxing. Good for you!

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