>Responses from Jeanine Standard

>Since it is the year of the dragon I decided that I would try to bring an expandable paper dragon home, to my grandson. While Jan was getting household supplies at the local grocery store I pointed at a dragon on the ceiling to a clerk. A cloud of clerks soon collected all trying to assist me in getting my dragon, nodding their heads up and down. One finally said: display. Another clerk found a package of the last dragon under layers of Chinese New Year decorations.

After this excitement, I got in line to pay for my dragon. I pulled out the Hong Kong money that was the right amount on the register but the check-out person kept saying “card.” I assumed she must have meant the octopus card since it seemed to magically get me through all forms of transportation and you can buy things with it. Jan came to my rescue and responded with a “no.” The clerk was asking whether I had a “pay-back” card. I gave the clerk my money–she finally took it. She then asked me another question–she totally ignored me and asked Jan–it was whether I needed a bag. This is when I began to identify with being deaf, or being a child.

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