>Chinese New Year Invitations to Homes


Ted and other lunch guests with Lion Dancers

Geraldine and her son, Ricci

This weekend we had two invitations to homes for Chinese New Year dinners. It is always interesting to see the different types of apartments.

On Friday night we went to the home of Geraldine and Wallace. Geraldine works with me at the university as a staff support person and her husband is in some computer-related work. They lost their younger son in an accident on vacation 2 years ago while in Thailand. This has drawn them to a much more serious Christian faith. Wallace had books including John Calvin’s theology, all in Chinese. They live in CityU housing.

On Saturday lunch we were invited over to the house of an older Chinese couple who I have gotten to know through Christian non-profit networks. Ted and Winnie live in an apartment just up the street from where we live. They invited several other non-Chinese over as well. We enjoyed the great humor of the household, explanations related to Chinese New Year, and another Lion Dance.

Karis left both these events with red packets in hand–she likes the idea of people giving her these red packets with money in them 🙂

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