>Escalator Commuting


If you are commuting on the escalator, beware!

Cities build on steep hills each have their special “places.” In Wellington, there were the Plimmer Stairs–a foot route that goes from the main street downtown Wellington up the side of the hill on which the city is built. At the bottom of the stairs you find a statue of Plimmer, an historic figure in the city. In San Francisco everyone has to see Lombard Street.

In Hong Kong I finally went and found “the escalator” after I met someone who commuted daily using this route. The escalator is actually a series of escalators that goes from near the Central Station up to the midlevels on Hong Kong Island. Like San Francisco and Wellington, this is no little change in elevation! The escalators only go UP and have carport type coverings so they are all outside. Steps follow the escalators so that those going down have to walk.

I have added yet one more type of transportation to my life list of transportation modes.

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