>Vote on most useful blog entries

>The Fulbright team that I belong to is considering compiling a book drawn from our various individual blog entries. The purpose would not be to focus on Hong Kong so much as model thoughtful and reflective encounters when traveling or working abroad from a variety of perspectives. The audience might be students who are going on study abroad.

For those of you who have been reading about my experiences–are there particular entries that have been most helpful in giving you a new way of looking at the world? Or a new frame of reference for when you travel? Or new perspectives?

Please let me know!

3 thoughts on “>Vote on most useful blog entries

  1. >These get my votes: Culture, parenthood and ocietal vision, Space & Place, Domestic helpers, Gender issues, Residency requirements.


  2. >I liked Space and Place/Public and Private. Also liked the sense of uncertainty in Naturally Curly hair – not because of the curls in a land of straight hair, but because of not knowing the standard practice there…

  3. >Jan: If you remember, I suggested you put all of your writings in a book covering your visit. Your pieces on beaucracy are funny/frustrating. I loved the one on getting a hair cut, applying for a bank account, a visa, your insightive thoughts on how to change the Chinese view of education, shopping, the quandry of whether to use "helpers" all of your subjects. I learned a lot about the culture, the people, the housing, parks, etc. I want them all in print. Phyllis

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