>In Michigan I was fascinated by lake effect snow. In New Zealand it was the cold winds from the south from Antarctica that were exotic. This week we experienced the range of weather in Hong Kong while Marie was visiting. We have had hot and humid–as in 95% humidity. We have had cool as in needing a jacket–the locals had on boots and winter coats. We had one day where you could see the sun for awhile. And then we had two ozone action days that were off the charts–some stations recorded levels of 400 points where anything above 100 is classified as very high, and above 200 is considered extreme by the World Health Organization.

General problems with air pollution have been major drawback for international companies attempting to locate offices here. The pollution has multiple sources. There are local sources–called roadside pollution which is a major factor. But then the areas adjacent to Hong Kong in mainland China, especially in the Pearl River Delta also contribute to it. And as someone said to me–and what power does Hong Kong have to ask mainland China to clean up its factories? But then there is the third source–sandstorms that originate in northern China. This week’s problems were the worst since records started to be kept. Drought and desertification have intensified such dust storms.

OK–it was bad. But Beijing, 6 years ago was much, much worse. It makes me wonder what those number were.

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