Using Pigs to Hang Laundry

Several weeks ago I was hanging laundry, enjoying one of the last days of summer.  But it was a blustery day so I had to use multiple clothes pins to hold the laundry in place.  As I worked away, I thought of New Zealand, where you had to practically tie the laundry onto the line or it would be blown to the next island.  Likewise I had to hold on to my younger daughter to keep her from being blown away with it.

Today I was chatting with a faculty member from New Zealand who talked about the beauty of the day and how it reminded him of New Zealand.  I told him about hanging laundry and being reminded of my time there.  He then asked if I had used lots of pigs.

Only then was I reminded of our utter confusion when we were looking for clothes pins in New Zealand and everyone was telling us to use pigs to hang our clothes.  We could not understand why were were looking for pigs to do this.

Only when we were told to go to bid at night and asked how many pinnies we had in change did the pattern become clear.

I still imagine using pigs to hang laundry and it makes me smile.

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