>Chinese New Year continued

I was in the mall yesterday–New Year’s was on Sunday. A lion dance group was there. I started with the head people in the mall using paint brushes and touching the lion’s eyes and over the head to bring the spirit into the lion. Then they did an incredible show. Later the lions went from store to store. The individual store’s had vegetable hanging over the doors. The lion would come in and eventually “eat” the vegetables, thus bringing luck to the store owners.

Sham Shui Po–the mother lode for shopping for cloth, etc.

We went to Sham Shui Po yesterday. Though much of the area was closed due to Chinese New Year (many shops are closed for a full two weeks), we explored the area. This is like the garment district of New York City! There is a huge outdoor market for cloth that looks like a shanty town and an area with ribbon shops, lace shops, etc. Wow! And the area has all kinds of bead shops. If anyone is interested, let me know what you want me to get for them! I can also bring home some deep fat fried chicken’s feet if you wish.